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How to Plan a Trip: Travel Resources You Should Have

Learning how to plan a trip with the right travel resources can help you take full advantage of your vacations.


There are many different little but vital things to plan like where will you go, how will you get there, how much budget do you need, etc, etc. Planning your trip can be super exciting but also overwhelming!


After many years of planning awesome trips, making mistakes, planning trips for ourselves and for others (and also messing those up a little bit), we can now -proudly- say (puffing up my chest) that it can take us only a few hours to plan an entire trip to a place we know nothing about. And you can too! That’s what this article is for.


We have compiled all our favorite travel resources and tools so you learn how to plan a trip the lazy easiest way!


We’ve personally used every single one of these resources and companies. We always had a good experience so we are constantly going back.


We will be updating this travel resource page whenever we discover an awesome new resource. You can keep an eye or come back for planning your next adventure!


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How to Plan Your Trip: Best Travel Resources for Planning

Book Your Flights - Plan How To Arrive

You may want to check out this super complete guide on how to book cheap flights to anywhere!


Plan how to get to your trip destination by looking at different flight options. Flight search engines like the ones below allow you to compare prices and look for the most conveniet option for you.



Awesome flight search engine. Looks for the cheapest option and includes many low-cost airlines that other search engines don’t.



This is also a great flight search engine. Allows multiple destinations and includes a guarantee if you lose a connection because of delays or cancellations​


Google Flights

Good tool to add to your flight research. It shows you a calendar where you can preview prices and save time.



I like that you can compare multiple prices with Tripadvisor, giving you the best results from different websites.​



It’s the best tool to find stopovers or long layovers, so you can escape for a day or more to a destination in-between flights. It makes the process really easy and cheap.



Another awesome flight search engine. Works wonders to find the cheapest or most convenient airfare.

Book Your Accommodation - Plan Where to Stay

Booking is a trusted company with a huge variety of accommodations, from the cheapest hostels to luxury villas. I like that the interface is very user-friendly and you can read reviews from previous guests.​



Tripadvisor looks for the best prices and have many options everywhere in the world. It’s great that there are so many reviews you can check out before deciding to book.​



Airbnb connects you with owners of houses / apartments who are renting a room or the whole property. It’s a great alternative to meet people or stay in a non-touristy area. Plus, you can find very good prices.

Free Accommodation - Plan to Stay for Free


This is a great alternative for accommodation. You can stay in someone’s ‘couch’ or a spare room for free. It saves you money but the most important thing is that you get to know locals right away who can teach you about their city.


Holiday Swap​

This app is great for saving some serious money. Basically, you swap for accommodations with like-minded people who are willing to let you stay in their home while they stay in yours). You only pay $1 per night.

Plan Your Itinerary

Sygic Travel

I’ve planned lots of itineraries with this website. They have maps with all the attractions and points of interest. You can see the exact location, photos, route and time you’ll spend on each day.



Pinterest is great for travel planning. I find it better than google to easily find activities you can do in your next destination.​


Get Your Guide

If you don’t want to spend time building all of your itinerary, you can choose to leave it to the experts. Get Your Guide is great for finding different kinds of tours everywhere.

Book Your Transportation

Rome 2 Rio​

This site will show you all the options you have to get from one point to another. Includes public transportation and how much each option costs. It can help you figure out your route saving lots of time.



Well, you probably know this one. Big advantage is that you can find taxis everywhere, as opposed to local taxi apps that may not be available in your app store.​



This is a website for sharing your rides while paying only for gas. It works almost all over the world and, usually, the drivers are local. So you get to save on transportation and make some local friends!

Photography Resources

Sony A6000​

I take all my pics with my Sony a6000. It’s a great option for beginners to get used to a DSLR, the size and weight are perfect for traveling and has a great value for the price.​



When I travel alone, I still want to be in my photos. However, you can’t trust the ‘skills’ of others around you. So, the best option is to bring a tripod with you and have total control of how your photos will come up.



I use this software to edit all of my photos. My favorite thing is that you can save all your editing setups as ‘presets’, which you can use whenever you want to create a consistent look across your pics.​

Other Travel Resources


If you are traveling for a month or more in a specific country, probably you’ll need to learn more than ‘hi’ and ‘thanks’ in the local language. Duolingo is an amazing tool for learning languages for free and their catalogue is pretty extensive.​


Have you tried any of these tools? Do you have more recommendations? Let us know in the comments!


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