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13 Most Instagrammable Places in Istanbul You Won’t Want to Miss

instagrammable places in istanbul

Let’s just start by saying that Istanbul is full of picture-perfect spots.


If you are coming to this city, you will have no problem to find instagrammable locations that will look great on the grid. However, to make your life easier, I’ve gathered a list of the 13 most Instagrammable places in Istanbul so you won’t miss any of them.

The Most Instagrammable Sites in Istanbul

These suggestions are not necessarily meant to be an itinerary for Istanbul. If you want a travel guide for the city, you can visit my article on the best things to do in Istanbul.


If you’ve been here before, you might also want to check non-touristy activities in Istanbul.


The following article is a collection of very instagrammable spots in Istanbul for you to get that perfect shot. They are listed in no particular order.


For every place, you will also find the exact location on the map, so you can easily find it.


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#1 Most Instagrammable Place in Istanbul: Ortaköy Mosque

This place is famous for its postcard view. Take stunning photographs in front of the Bosphorus with the mosque and the bridge on the background.


Enter the mosque to enjoy the insanely beautiful interior decoration.

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#2 Most Instagrammable Place in Istanbul: Blue Mosque

As one of the must-visit areas of the city, its beauty may overshadow the rest of your photos! The Sultanahmet Mosque, as known by locals, is big enough to be seen from different points of the city.


Explore around and take snaps from different angles and rooftops in the area.

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#3 Most Instagrammable Place in Istanbul: Hagia Sophia

The only problem you will have taking photos of the Hagia Sophia is deciding whether you like more the pics from outside or from inside the building!


I suggest you go to the second floor to have an entirely different perspective of the architecture. Don’t forget to take a photo from the windows, as they have a great view to the Blue Mosque.

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#4 Most Instagrammable Place in Istanbul: Seven Hills Restaurant

If you are a frequent user of Instagram (and I’m sure you are because you are reading this article), it is almost certain that you’ve seen a photo of your favorite Instagrammers in this restaurant.


This place has incredible 360 views of Sultanahmet. Plus, the food is great so what’s not to love?

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#5 Most Instagrammable Place in Istanbul: Galata Bridge

The Galata Bridge is the perfect location for photos. You have the fishermen, the city’s skyline, the mosques’ silhouettes, the busy commuters, the seagulls, the restaurant-boats, and I can keep going.


There is so much going on at the same time, that you will probably spend a lot of time playing with your camera.


The best times of the day to take pics here are at early morning and before the sunset. The lightning goes perfectly with the open sky and the view to the bridge in front.

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#6 Most Instagrammable Place in Istanbul: Galata Tower

Located in a hip neighborhood, the Galata Tower is great to see from the outside and inside. Is one of the oldest and tallest buildings in the city, and it’s probably still as grand and majestic as when it was first built.


Climb the tower to the top floor to get a 360º view of the city!

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#7 Most Instagrammable Place in Istanbul: Dolmabahçe Palace

This is a beautiful palace located in the district of Besiktas. It was the residence of the last sultans of the Ottoman Empire, so you can imagine how luxurious this place is. Even though it is not allowed to take photos on the inside, the outside is beautiful enough to make it very instagrammable. And I mean, you really can’t miss this place.


Take a walk through the patios and fall in love with the doors facing the sea. They look like out of a fairytale!

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#8 Most Instagrammable Place in Istanbul: Kuçuksu Palace

Kuçuksu Palace is a good alternative to Dolmabahçe Palace in terms of photos. The Dolmabahçe has a lot more historical relevance and it is bigger.


However, Kuçuksu Palace may be a good option for you if you have seen the Dolmabahçe before and don’t feel like paying 40 Turkish liras for the entrance again. Also, the number of visitors is considerably less so it’s much easier to take photos without a crowd staring at you like you are crazy.


It used to be sort of a ‘summer house’ for the sultans and the facade is very interesting. Plus, it also has those gorgeous fairy-tale doors facing the Bosphorus. It is located in the narrowest point of the Bosphorus so you have a good view to Europe.

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#9 Most Instagrammable Place in Istanbul: Maiden’s Tower

Explore the Asian side of Istanbul by taking a motorboat to Üsküdar. The trip on the motorboat is an amazing chance to get beautiful pictures of the Bosphorus and the locals feeding the seagulls.


Once you arrive at Üsküdar, walk through the seaside heading to the Maiden’s Tower. You’ll find a lovely spot to drink Turkish tea, eat a simit and enjoy the view.

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#10 Most Instagrammable Place in Istanbul: Balat and Fener

Often ignored by the tourists, these neighborhoods have the most photogenic little alleys and labyrinthine streets. They were declared UNESCO World Heritage and for good reason. Many cultures and religions have shared this space, but it is known as a Greek area.


Try to go early as it can be tricky to get out of here later in Istanbul’s famous traffic. Also, keep in mind these are conservative neighborhoods so it’s better to dress moderately.

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#11 Most Instagrammable Place in Istanbul: Süleymaniye Mosque

Süleymaniye Mosque is an Ottoman imperial mosque, built by Mimar Sinan, the greatest architect of the Ottoman era.


You can see some similarities with the Blue Mosque because the latter was designed by one of Mimar Sinan’s apprentices. However, even though it looks similarly beautiful, there are much fewer people around, which results in better photos. #amirite

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#12 Most Instagrammable Place in Istanbul: Rainbow Stairs

The insta-famous stairs are located in Karaköy, and you can actually find more than one. They were painted by a neighbor who just wanted the street to look prettier. The municipality painted the colors to return it to its boring gray, so people strongly claimed to have the colors back.


The municipality allowed the “rainbow stairs” and since then, they became a symbol of freedom of expression.

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#13 Most Instagrammable Place in Istanbul: Ayranci Sokak

This little corner might seem a bit random but it has been featured many times by several instagrammers.


Walking uphill in the district of Eminonu, you can find Ayranci Street, the location of Haliç Cafe. Is a small street full of colorful umbrellas and graffiti.


When I went, I did have to wait for one group of girls to finish their photoshoot, but after that, there wasn’t many people walking by. Also, this was on a Friday afternoon, so you can probably find it all for yourself by going early in the morning.


Right in front of this spot, is Haliç Cafe, where you can get a nice panoramic view of the Golden Horn.

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I’ll be updating this article with new discoveries, so save it for later!


If you want to see more self promotion, ahem, pictures like the ones you saw here, you can follow me on my Instagram as I keep exploring this city 🙂


Have you tried or visited one of these non-touristy things to do in Istanbul? Do you have more recommendations? Let us know in the comments!


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