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How to Find Cheap Airplane Tickets with CheapOair


Are you looking for a reliable site to buy cheap airplane tickets? You came to the right place for information.

As some of you may know, we’ve been staying for a ‘long’ time in London lately, and we are SO ready for our next adventure in Asia. Purchasing tickets for long distances can easily become the most expensive part of the trip, so we’ve been looking for affordable prices, and of course, trustable companies.

We still don’t know exactly when we are leaving, so we used sellers of cheap airplane tickets that we already know and have had good experiences with previous purchases and with good results for most of the year. That’s how we found the best deal in CheapOair.

Keep reading to learn how you can use it to find the best bargains for flights and the crazy price we will pay to go from London to Bangkok.

This article is sponsored by CheapOair. We’ve been using their service since long before, so we are happy to recommend them, and all opinions are our own. Please, read my Disclosure.

We are planning to travel for about 3 – 4 months in Southeast Asia having Bangkok as our main base. So, we needed to find a ticket from London to Bangkok, which can get very pricey for such a long distance.

However, we found our cheap airline ticket for only 367 USD on!

No, that wasn’t a typo. It really was 367 USD. They really live up to their tagline “Go Ahead, Be Cheap”. You can get good deals and here’s how.

Why CheapOair

CheapOair is listed on the Travel Weekly Power List and is recognized as the second-largest seller of airline tickets in the United States. That must be for a good reason.

They compare prices between a wide range of airlines, but also combine itineraries of more than one airline, which gives you more chances of finding a good flight fare.

Here’s a nice intro video they created:

How to Find Cheap Airplane Tickets

Connect to CheapOair’s website and enter your departure place and destination. Then, select an estimated date and click on ‘Search Now’.

The only downside is that you have to search for a specific date so might have to spend some time trying different dates to find the cheapest one.

However, they do offer an awesome alternative for this. They have free customer support on the phone 24/7. You can call and speak with a travel agent specialist who will look for the best itinerary. A big reason to opt for calling is that they can offer you a special “phone only” deal. These are fares they can only advertise by phone and not on their website.

I haven’t personally tried calling because there was no need (I found a cheap ticket quickly online), but I’ve read the reviews and people praise their customer service!

What If I Don’t Find a Good Deal

Depending on the time of the year and destination, it is possible that tickets are not particularly cheap.

If that’s the case, I highly recommend you to subscribe to their newsletter. They send “Secret Deals” available only through their emails.

By the time I’m searching on their website, they are also offering a promo code of 20% discount by subscribing. So, you can get exclusive deals and use your promo code on top of that. Sounds good to me.

We had an awesome experience with this website finding a cheap flight for next year. We are hoping reading us makes you want to open your laptop and get yours too. “Go Ahead, Be Cheap” 😉 Plus, you can check their blog for tips on your chosen destination.

Where will you fly next time?

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