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+40 Best Places to Work Remotely in London

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Even though it’s nice to work from your pyjamas every day, working from home can feel a bit isolating sometimes. Having the option to get out and visit the best places to work remotely in London will add some novelty to your working days.

There are great options between coworking spaces and laptop-friendly cafes in London to change your WFH life, see new faces once in a while, and feel more productive.

So, when working from home feels boring, take your office with you and check out the best places to work remotely in London.

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Over 40 best coworking spaces and laptop-friendly cafes for remote workers in London. Learn about the best places to work remotely in Central London, East London, North London, West London, and South London. Where to work remotely.

Where to Work Remotely in Central London

Cool Coworking Spaces in Central London for Remote Workers

Purple Patch

This coworking space started as a conferencing center with desking and has now a great environment for a productive day. One of the best places to work remotely in London, the lighting is great and they have everything you could possibly need like showers, lockers, phone booths, and a well-equipped kitchenette.

The Trampery

As an award-winning workspace and studios house, The Trampery is an amazing community for entrepreneurs and startups.

You can also access their facilities going only by yourself. Their memberships offer 24/7 access, a private members lounge, and all amenities and utilities you’d expect. 

Us & Co

I also consider this one of the best places to work remotely in London. It has flexibility around how frequently you’d like to use the workspace and has all the you’d need like printing, chill out spaces, an awesome terrace and views, bike storage, and shower.

You can choose to have a monthly membership, which will give you a 24/7 access, or you can have a day pass if you feel like going once in a while.


Work.Life has nine locations only in London, so you can probably find a coworking space near you.

They offer hot desking that can be rented in an hourly basis and private offices, including unlimited coffee and breakfast. They also organise networking events and weekly yoga!

Best Cafes to Work From in Central London

Sometimes we don’t feel like working from home or going to the same co-working space, so having the option of going to multiple laptop-friendly coffeeshops is great.

However, not all cafés are ready for remote workers. These cafés need to have multiple sockets, be okay with you staying some hours (while consuming, of course!), and reliable Wi-Fi.

I compiled some great laptop-friendly coffeeshops beyond the Prets and Starbucks of Central London. Keep reading to learn about some of the best places to work remotely in London while having your favourite coffee and pastries.

The Fleet Street Press

Press Coffee & Co. has several locations, and the one in Fleet Street checks all the boxes to enjoy your day working remotely in Central London.

The couches are very comfortable if you want to stay for a long period. Also, sitting next to the windows gives you a nice view of this busy street, which is probably one of the reasons for making it to this list of best places to work remotely in London.

Department of Coffee and Social Affairs

A relaxed environment with lots of space to work comfortably.

This chain of cafés roasts its own beans and is known for their cold brew. You’ll love the friendly staff and the calm environment to get some work done.

Store Street Espresso

This place is popular among the people who work in the area. It’s an independent local institution in Bloomsbury that serves excellent coffee, breakfast, and brunch.

The menu is not super varied, but the portions are generous and they also offer healthy options.

Powerhouse Coffee

Previously called Fix Coffee, this peaceful corner for remote workers is in three different locations.

If the great-tasting coffee doesn’t make you come back multiple times, probably the extra comfy and spacious sofas will.

Where to Work Remotely in East London

Cool Coworking Spaces in East London for Remote Workers

Second Home

This coworking space in East London stands out for its very unique design and interiors. The space looks very modern, with splashes of colour, and lots of plants that make everything look more… alive.

I’m sure you’d love it here for how much it inspires you to be productive. It also offers wellness programs and networking opportunities.

Whitechapel Think Factory


Besides the original name, WTF has an awesome space for you to enjoy. They are in association with Holiday Inn London, but it doesn’t feel like you are working at a hotel lobby at all.

All their packages also include access to the gym and 24/7 access to the workspaces.

Mainyard Studios

Mainyard Studios has different locations, mostly in East London. They focus on offering all the amenities of a top-notch creative space without making you break the bank.

It has hot desks, private offices, meeting rooms, music studios, an open coworking area, a call booth, and a lounge area.

In short, Mainyard Studios has everything you need to get your work done.

The Workers League

Also offering several venues in excellent locations, The Workers League has everything you need to get your creative juices flowing.

There are all your basic amenities, plus bike storage,  barista coffee, snacks delivered to your seat, events, industry talks, seminars, etc.

Best Cafes to Work From in East London

Ozone Coffee

Source: Ozone Coffee

Laptop-friendly space and award-winning eateries combine welcoming environments, specialty coffee, and a commitment to local suppliers.

Ozone Coffe considers themselves coffee roasters and hospitality experts. You’ll understand why when you spend the day working and enjoying their food and friendly environment.

Ditto Coffee

Ditto is a relaxed and comfortable space that roasts a global coffee brand. Located in the heart of Shoreditch, this laptop-friendly cafe has plenty of seating, good Wi-Fi, and an outdoor area for when you need some fresh air.

The coffee is excellent, as are the pastries if you need a snack to keep you going.

Mare Street Market

Mare Street Market is a food hall with a range of different cuisines on offer, as well as an in-house coffee roastery. The atmosphere is relaxed and the perfect place to get some work done during the day.

The market has plenty of seating and you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to food options. There’s also a bar if you fancy something stronger than coffee to get you through the afternoon.

Martello Hall

Martello Hall is located in Hackney and offers excellent plans for remote workers.

You can get a hot desk as in any co-working space in London, but for a fraction of the price, with bottomless coffee and good wi-fi.

You can bring your laptop and work away without needing to pay for a pass. However, getting a daily, weekly, or monthly pass includes unlimited coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or similar, access to all locations, and a relaxed environment catered to your needs.

Where to Work Remotely in North London

Cool Coworking Spaces in North London for Remote Workers

Camden Gateway

This place is very popular among digital nomads for its convenient location. You can find this space in the heart of Camden, just a few blocks from the canal.

The interiors are also quite modern, with a lot of greenery that makes it look and feel fresh.


This is one of the most popular places to work remotely in London, and for good reason. You can get comfortable in their ergonomic chairs and standing desks to stretch.

It has a range of different membership options, starting at just £40 for the day.

It also is pet-friendly, in case you don’t want to leave behind your furry friend, and has awesome outdoor spaces for some fresh air during your break time.


Beautifully designed workplaces with different types of communal areas in pet-friendly coworking spaces.

LABS has several buildings in Camden and Holborn, but they all share a variety of amenities for you to enjoy. You’ll have everything you need including showers and bike storage.

Workshop Coworking

A space specifically catered to creative professionals. You’ll find your regular hot desks, lounge areas, and also photography studios, jewelry and fashion workshops.

All the membership plans include 24/7 access to the facilities and also a postal address to handle your mailing.

Best Cafes to Work From in North London



An awesome place to work remotely in London, while enjoying your daily dose of caffeine.

Vagabond changes their speciality coffee and delicious delicatessen menu weekly, and with the changing seasons.

Ginger & White

This British coffee shop sources both their beans and milk from UK small producers.

They have lots of indoor space but also some tables outside if you prefer to work while people watch.


The first Euphorium opened in 1999 in Islington. Today, they have multiple bakeries across London.

Visit Euphorium to comfortably work with your laptop while eating amazing baking goods and sandwiches. They also have vegetarian options.

Spice Deli

Source: Spice Deli

If you are a spice lover, you’d love Spice Deli, where spices and food come together.

The food has been influenced by the owners’ Indian heritage but also by the spices of the Middle East and South-East Asia.

You don’t need to book a table but you also have that option on their website if they prefer.

Where to Work Remotely in West London​

Cool Coworking Spaces in West London for Remote Workers


Located within the iconic Grade II listed ‘Mission Hall’ on Iffley Road, the building has acted as a church hall, school, kitchen, workers club, studio, and now as a holistic co-working space.

They promise to offer a holistic environment, that nurtures the physical, social and personal development of the community.

Huckletree West

Huckletree West is a cool and funky workspace located in the heart of White City.

They offer flexible membership plans, which allows you to pay as you go and you can use the space as you like, when you like.

Huckletree West is perfect if you are looking for a more creative and fun environment.

The Workary

The Workary is a really nice place to work remotely. You can find it in different spaces in West London, like Chelsea, Chiswick, Notting Hill, and others.

It is a very affordable and flexible workspace, providing you many facilities you might need.

You can choose from different membership plans, according to your needs. You can also enjoy unlimited coffee, tea, and community events.

Mortimer House

Mortimer House is a luxury members’ club that includes co-working spaces, bars, and lounges.

It is conveniently located in West Central London, in a seven-storey block on Mortimer Street in Fitzrovia.

Each storey is dedicated to a pyramid level of the Hierachy of Needs of Abraham Maslow.

Best Cafes to Work From in West London

Local Hero

Right in the heart of Fulham, Local Hero provides the surrounding community with nutritional brunches and superb tasting coffee.

This is an independently owned modern cafe dedicated to bringing you the best of British cafe culture.

Bluebelles of Portobello

Bluebelles of Portobello serves homemade, artisan fresh produce.

Serving breakfast, brunch, lunch and tea you will always find something new to try and return for.

There are plenty of seats and tables to plug your laptop and work comfortably all day.

Tamp Coffee

Tamp Coffee is a great place to work during the day, with plenty of seating, good WiFi, and a relaxed atmosphere.

They offer a great selection of tapas and wine to unwind after a long day of work.

The Curtains Up

More than a coffee shop, The Curtains Up is a pub with large windows that flood the space with natural light. The stylish interior and terrace tables make it the perfect pub to have a productive day.

They welcome remote workers to stay at the pub offering high speed WiFi, complimentary barista tea and coffee on tap when your order a delicious brunch or sandwich dish.

Also, you won’t have to go far to reward yourself with a refreshing pint after a hard day of work!

Where to Work Remotely in South London​

Cool Coworking Spaces in South London for Remote Workers

Idea Space London

A creative and friendly co-working space where you can get all the necessary tools to work on your project whilst enjoying super fast wi-fi and a nice cup of artisan coffee.

Located in Battersea, within a 10-minute walk from Clapham Junction Station. It offers monthly memberships tailored to your needs, private call booths, event space and ‘pay as you go’ services.

Office Club

Pet-friendly and productive workspace that offers business workshops, networking events and collaborative opportunities.

As usual, you’ll have access to use the printer or scanner, and a fully equipped kitchen with a fridge, toaster, and microwave.

Oru Space

This space merges coworking and a wellness lifestyle.

All memberships include access to a members-only community, casual working, rooftop, showers, reception, and subsidised access to wellness, café and events.


This is a flexible and affordable workspace for individuals and startups in the creative industries.

Their aim is focused to long term users so they don’t offer day passes but have a great promo of one free month if you have a 6-month contract.

Best Cafes to Work From in South London

Canova Hall

Besides the awesome coffee and food, Canova Hall offers a hot desk area for remote workers.

You don’t need to pay for the hot desk area, as you can seat as in a regular coffee shop, but you can also buy a daily, weekly or monthly Hotdesk Pass for bottomless coffee, seven days a week, to have in or take out.


CAYA is one of the best places to work remotely in London. It’s a coffeeshop but also has a coworking space that provides everything you need to be productive.

It’s a pay-as-you-go service with no contract or sign-up fee. And all the coffee you can handle!



Mud Cafe is a small spot but it has made a big impression in the area.

It is an independent cafe that has made it to The Guardian Top 50 Breakfast Places in the UK.

This means there might be queues on the weekends, but you’ll find a seat easier if you go on the weekdays or on the afternoons.


Right in the heart of Brixton, Bellefields has a menu inspired by the Mediterranean cuisine, from the Aegean and Balearic to the Levantine basin.

Here, you’ll find plenty of seats and natural light to enjoy your work day comfortably.

Have you tried or visited one of these places to work remotely in London? Do you have more recommendations? Let everyone know in the comments!

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