About Us

Hi there! We are Natalie and Rubi.

We have an unwavering love of wanderlust, and as typical millenials, we know there is more to life than the corporate ladder. People say that life flashes before your eyes before leaving this world. Well, we’d like it to be worth watching.

Fly Bye Bye exists because we think that the best way of accomplishing a fulfilling life is giving to others outside our four walls, and knowing as much as possible from the people and places occupying our beautiful planet.



Born in Barcelona, has been traveling the world by himself since he was 17 years old! Rubi has traveled to almost 100 countries and lived in Spain, Italy, Brasil, and the UK. Superpower: He can find the cheapest flight tickets in history whenever he wants.

Natalie Leon Conde


Born in Lima and obsessed with everything related to travel and photography. Natalie has lived in Peru, Costa Rica, Turkey, and the UK. Superpower: She can turn any boring low-res photo into an awe-inspiring image!

We are enthusiastic about the power of the travel industry as a force for change. As a force for good and growth. Traveling opens eyes and minds, and break harmful stereotypes, as long as you let yourself learn during your trips.

This is why we are big fans of destinations rich in culture and heritage. You can expect to see here a lot of content regarding local customs, history, surreal destinations, travel photography and living abroad.

We are always open to your ideas and comments! Contact us anytime at hello@flybyebye.com